Friday, December 3, 2010

Valkyrie - Valkyrie (2006)

Man Of Two Visions (2008)

Here are the two albums from doom band Valkyrie from Harrisonburg, Virginia. Known as the side project from Baroness' Pete Adams which also includes his brother Jake Adams. The brothers bring their glorious vision of doom to life on these two albums with dueling guitars and great brotherly harmony. Doom with a hefty dose of '70s hard rock is served up on these two great albums. Enjoy!

Jake Adams - Guitar, Vocals
Pete Adams - Guitar, Vocals
Will Barry-Rec - Bass
Warren Hawkins - Drums

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wireless darkness said...

hails....i recently have seen that i am linked on your side bar, thank you very much for the support. the first valk release was wonderful! i haven't heard it since my hard drive went down, but i'm grabbing both of these. thank you again.