Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Cathedral - The Guessing Game (2010)

In 1989 Lee Dorrian left his former band, the infamous grindcore Napalm Death, mainly because he was getting sick of the punk scene and did not like the death metal direction Napalm Death was heading towards. Cathedral was formed after Lee Dorrian and Mark Griffiths met and discussed their love for doom bands like The Obsessed, St. Vitus, Candlemass, Dream Death, Pentagram, Trouble, and Witchfinder General. Their debut The Forest Of Equilibrium was even heavier and slower than the doom legends that inspired them. Over the years the band has evolved into a much more '70s progressive and psychedelic heavy rock direction, On The Guessing Game, their ninth studio album, the doom and metal influences are still there but with a much more progressive and psychedelic rock sound to it.

Another highly enjoyable listen!

Lee Dorrian - Vocals
Garry "Gaz" Jennings - Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Backing vocals and Drums
Leo Smee - Bass
Brian Dixon - Drums

Titan - Sweet Dreams (2010)

Brooklyn, New York's Titan released their debut for Relapse Records earlier this month.

Here's what a certain Lords of Metal review had to say: "What remains is the characteristic sound of the band: loud psych-guitars dripping with distortion, combined with organs and synthesizers normally associated with hardcore progrock or even rock-dinosaurs like Emerson, Lake & Palmer. The result, an almost forty minutes long maelstrom of rampaging riffs with some deeply hidden vocals – I would not have raised an eyebrow if someone had claimed Titan were an instrumental band. In short, do not expect traditional songs complete with verse and refrain from these gentlemen. But if your are in for a complete experience and find Earthless to unstructured, Titan might as well be your type of band. Start listening to ‘Wooded Altar Beyond The Wander’, a hurricane-like song with in its center the carcass of Pink Floyd’s legendary ‘Echoes’."

If I had to describe this album in one word, it would be EPIC!


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Strung Out In Heaven (1998)

Had a request from FILTHpig to post some more albums by the Brian Jonestown Massacre. I basically just picked an album by random. Although, this album is one of my personal favourites (also one of the first albums I bought from this great band). More on the folky side than Who Killed Sgt. Pepper. Enjoy!

Radio Moscow - Radio Moscow (2007)

As requested by Fan From Switzerland, here is Radio Moscow's debut. A great album full of psychedelic infused blues rock from Iowa's Radio Moscow. You can't go wrong with this album.
\Parker Griggs – vocals, guitar, drums, percussion
Zach Anderson – bass

Starchild - Born Into Eternity (2006)

Waycross, Gerogia's Starchild bring their psycheDOOMelic vision to reality with 2006's Born Into Eternity. While you won't find much of anything new here in the pyschedelic sub-genre of doom, it is a solid release, nonetheless.

Richard Bennett - Vocals, guitar
Kenneth O'Bara - Bass
Frank Sikes - Drums

Monster Magnet - Mastermind (2010)

Another one of the most anticipated albums this year. Monster Magnet have taken a lot of flack over the years for their underwhelming album releases, but this release sees Monster Magnet (almost) return to form. While the album may not be perfect, it is still their best release in a while. After one listen to doomy opening track "Hallucination Bomb", I was hooked. Although the whole album isn't as great as this track, it's still a solid release, if not a little lop-sided. Still, I dig it. (official band page)

Kylesa - Spiral Shadow (2010)

So, it's finally here (although some of you probably grabbed the early promo copy of this album while it was circulating around the net a couple of weeks ago). This Georgian metal band has been constantly evolving since it's formation in 2000. The crust punk and sludge metal influences are still there but this album has a much more progressive and psychedelic sound to it. It's still heavy as all fuck, but a lot more trippy at the same time. There are some mixed reviews on this one, but personally, it seems to me like this band can't do any wrong. Highly recommended as usual.

Phillip Cope - Guitar, Vocals
Laura Pleasants - Guitar, Vocals
Carl McGinley - Drums, Noises
Eric Hernandez - Drums
Corey Barhorst - Bass 


Monday, October 18, 2010

The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Who Killed Sgt. Pepper? (2010)

The Brian Jonestown massacre started out in the early '90s in San Francisco, California. And the only constant member has been Anton Newcombe (Anton is infamous for firing and hiring band members on a regular basis). The band's evolution and friendship/rivalry with the Dandy Warhols was well documented in the great rockumentary Dig! which has helped gain them a lot of deserved attention. Their influences are wide and varied. And as you can tell, the band wears their influences on their sleeves. On their earlier albums their main influences were mostly '60s psychedelia, garage (Velvet Underground), folk, and'90s British shoegaze (My Bloody Valentine, Jesus and the Mary Chain).Since then, they have gone on to release more experimental stuff. Who Killed Sgt. Pepper would be one of those releases.  The album was recorded in Iceland and  features musicians such as Unnur Andrea Einarsdottir (who recorded vocals on the previous BJM album) and Felix from the Russian band Amazing Electronic Talking Cave, as well as other musicians from France, Germany, and Iceland. Will Carruthers is also featured on this album.

 Anton Newcombe - Vocals, guitar
Will Carruthers - Bass, vocals (tracks 3,6)
Unnur Andrea Einarsdottir - Vocals (tracks 5,7)
Felix Bondareff - Vocals (tracks 2,9)
Jón Sæmundur - Guitar
Henrik Baldvin Bjornsson – Guitar
Dino Karlis – Drums

Radio Moscow - Brain Cycles (2009)

Story City, Iowa's Radio Moscow have a great bluesy psychedelic sound. This is their second release, which is my personal favourite. And for only two guys, the album has a very thick and full sound. Bluesy vocals and riffage with swirling psychedelic effects that cycle around in your head.

Parker Griggs – vocals, guitar, drums, percussion
Zach Anderson – bass


Scott Reeder - TunnelVision Brilliance (2006)

Underground stoner rock legend Scott Reeder released his solo debut TunnelVision Brilliance in 2006. Having years of experience playing bass (and in some cases producing) for legendary stoner rock bands such as The Obsessed, Kyuss, Unida, Nebula and Goatsnake has helped Reeder to finely tune his craft. What we have here is a mature and solid release. Progressive rock with great riffage and vocals.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sleepy Sun - Embrace (2009)

As requested by "Fan from Switzerland", here is Sleepy Sun's debut.

"Eddie Van Halen once remarked that the most amazing thing about Led Zeppelin was that, for a band often cited as the godfathers of heavy metal, so much of their repertoire was acoustic. Theirs was a reputation built not on being the loudest band all the time, but rather at just the right time. It's a lesson that San Francisco-via-Santa Cruz sextet Sleepy Sun have taken to heart-- their debut album, Embrace, dispenses its earth-quaking riffage in such carefully measured, perfectly spaced-out rations, it tricks you into thinking the band is much heavier than it actually is." ~ Pitchfork review.
Brett Constantino - vocals
Rachel Fannan - vocals
Matt Holliman - guitar
Evan Reiss - guitar
Jack Allen - bass
Brian Tice - drums.

Samsara Blues Experiment - Lond Distance Trip (2010)

 The Berlin based Samsara Blues Experiment, started out in 2007. They play a potent brew of blues, psychedelia and kraut-rock. Fast forward to 2010, and this German heavy psych band finally delivers their debut album Long Distance Trip. Long spaced out songs that rely more on free-floating jams than vocals. The band sound like they jammed out in a studio so hot boxed with weed smoke that their eyes were watering while completely zoned out into their music and riding the riffs. Oh, and there are vocals, it's just that they aren't present throughout the entire length of each song. Indeed, it is a long distance trip, but one that offers a lot of treasures along the way and never seems to get boring. You're never sure what's around the next corner. Put on the headphones, sit back, relax and enjoy the trip!


Saturday, October 16, 2010

Greatdayforup - Flores de Sangre (2005)

This Albany, New York based stoner metal band started out in 2000 and then called it quits in 2007 after only two full-length albums. Flores de Sangre (Small Stone Records) is their last album. The band later went onto become Iron Weed with a new singer and guitarist. This oft overlooked band and album deserve more attention. I bet you'll dig it!

Mike Langone - Vocals
Mike Vitali - Guitar
Brendan Slater - Bass
Jim Feck - Drums 

Madking Ludwig - Seven Stairways (2008)

Another fine gem from Canada. Montreal Quebec's Madking Ludwig make progressive/doom/stoner metal with huge riffs and really great male and female lead vocals. Seven Stairways (Cypher Key Records) is their second full-length. With only 7 tracks and a running time of 35 minutes, it's a short album but satisfaction is definitely guaranteed.

Stéphane Bellemare - Lead Vocals, Flute, Clarinet
Raphaël Corbeil - Drums, Vocals
Patrick Falardeau - Bass
Leïla Jolin-Dahel - Lead Vocals
Stéphane Vigeant - Guitar

Doomraiser - Erasing The Remembrance (2009)

Thanks to Stonerobixxx for this. Awesome doom metal from Italy's Doomraiser. This is their second full-length, released on Blood Rock records. The music really is just as great as their name and artwork. Another must have for your collection.

Nicola (aka Cynar) - Vocals
Drugo - Guitar
Willer - Guitar
Andrea Caminiti
Pinna - Drums 

Karma To Burn - Appalachian Incantation (2010)

West Virginia's Karma To Burn are probably the best instrumental stoner metal band. Appalachian Incantation (produced by Scott Reeder and released on Napalm Records) is their fourth album to be released in their fifteen years existence. And this album doesn't disappoint! Whiskey and weed fueled, beefy southern-fried metal riffing at it's best. Also has John Garcia (Kyuss, Unida, Hermano fame) as guest vocalist on "Two Times" and Daniel Davies (of Year Long Disaster ) on the great "Waiting On The Western World". Apparently, Daniel Davies ( who is also The Kinks' Dave Davies' son) is poised to be the singer for the next album. This is the limited edition which contains the bonus Cat Got Our Tongue E.P. Enjoy!

William Mecum - Guitar
Rich Mullins - Bass
Rob Oswald - Drums


Friday, October 15, 2010

Sleepy Sun - Fever (2010)


And now, for something completely different.
"Californian acid rockers Sleepy Sun follow up last year’s Embrace with another serving of massive, sun-blasted riffs. On Fever, however, they subvert the dynamics of ostentatious heaviosity by adding some infectious boy-girl folk pop ( ‘Ooh Boy’, ‘Rigamaroo’) and some compelling sonic curveballs that keep the listener guessing to the finish. Far from a study of hairy rock esoterica, Sleepy Sun makes light work of what could have been an exercise in ear-punishing psych." ~ Line Of Best Fit Review.
A little bit lighter and more mellow with infectious harmonies

Bongripper - Satan Worshiping Doom (2010)

Instrumental heavyweights, Bongripper, released their fifth studio album in five years earlier in 2010. The Chicago, Illinois based band once again unleash their beastly brand of instrumental sludge/doom metal to the masses, and pleased to be doomed we are. Satan Worshiping Doom consists of only four tracks: "Hail", "Satan", "Worship", "Doom". And with the album clocking around 53 minutes, it's surprising that the album never gets boring. Horns up!

Dennis Pleckham - Guitar
Nick Dellacroce - Guitar
Ronald Petzke - Bass
Daniel O'Connor - Drums

Hour Of 13 - The Ritualist (2010)

North Carolina's Hour Of 13 gained a lot of praise with their self,-titled debut for Shadow Kingdom Records. Now having signed to Earache Records to release their follow-up The Ritualist, Hour Of 13, have upped the ante. Awesome '70s inspired occult doom metal is what we have here. Fans of Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Pentagram, Trouble, St. Vitus, The Obsessed, Iron Man, Witchfinder General, Dragonauta and Orchid will definitely love this. Comes highly recommended as usual. I mean seriously check this out!

Philip Swanson - Vocals
Chad Davis - Guitar, Bass and Drums

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Red Giant - Dysfunctional Majesty (2010)

Their Myspace page has them listed as Space Punk while other sites label them as stoner/doom metal. Man, I just call it stoner rock. A real tasty slab of stoner rock from Ohio, Cleveland. Another great release from Small Stone Records!

Alex Perekrest - Guitar, Lead Vocals
Damien Perry - Lead guitar, Vocals
Brian Skinner - Bass
Chris Gorman - Drums

Leather Nun America - Absence of Light (2008)

Californian doom rockers, Leather Nun America released Absence Of Light on PsycheDOOMelic Records in 2008. I'm posting this awesome '70s inspired doom rock album simply because it needs to be heard.

John Sarnie - Guitar, Vocals
George - Bass, Vocals
Mark Markowitz - Drums

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Down - Diary Of A Mad Band (2010)

Down consisting of band members with previous experience in such metal bands as Pantera, Corrosion Of Conformity, Crowbar and Eyehategod. So, for those unfamiliar with Down, they sound like a mix of Pantera and Corrosion Of Conformity. Southern metal with sludge and doom leanings.

Diary Of A Mad Band is a two disc (also available on DVD) live set. Hopefully just a taster before a new studio album. That's not to say this isn't a good album. In fact it's a damn solid live album. I'd even go so far as to say that this album would also work as a great introduction to the band. Some would argue that their first studio album NOLA would be the best place to start. Either way you can't go wrong.

Kneel Down and Hail the Leaf!


Download 2

Monday, October 4, 2010

Howl - Full Of Hell (2010)

Providence, Rhode Island 's Howl unleash some fury with their debut Full Of Hell on Relapse Records. Some more great stoner/sludge metal for you.

Vincent - Guitar, Vocals
Andrea - Guitar
Rob - Bass
Timmy - Drums, Vocals

Torche - Songs For Singles E.P. (2010)

Hailing from Miami Florida, Torche, have a unique pop-sludge sound. Yeah, you heard right. It's kinda like Sludge Lite. But don't be surprised if you find yourself humming their songs all day.

Steve Brooks - Guitar, Vocals
Jon Nunez - Bass
Rick Smith - Drums

Sunday, October 3, 2010

King Giant - Southern Darkness (2009)

The title says it perfectly. Dark southern metal with angry vocals and huge catchy riffs. Try'll like it.

Hammerly - vocals
David Kowalski - guitars
Floyd Lee III - bass
Todd Ingram - lead guitar
Brooks - Drums

Stonehelm - Stonehelm (2010)

Ventura California's Stonehelm unleashed their debut earlier this year. And what a debut! Thick and fuzzy doom laden riffs dominate the album with spacey vocals and psychedelic departures. Another highly recommended release.

John - Guitar And Vocals 
Andrew - Bass Guitar 
Wes - Guitar
Zac - Drums


Download 2
Grand Magus - Hammer Of The North (2010)

Grand Magus triumphantly return with Hammer Of The North. Since their formation, Grand Magus has slowly been heading into a more NWOBHM influenced direction. The growly grunts and doom heavy riffs have been replaced with much more powerful vocals and more straight ahead catchy riffing. This album really showcases Janne ''JB'' Christoffersson's powerful vocal delivery. If you're a fan of Iron Maiden/Judas Priest inspired metal, then you'll absolutely love this album. Hell, most metal fans will dig this album. And don't worry, even though it is heavily influenced by NWOBHM, it never gets excessively cheesy. The riffs and vocals are solid and catchy. A must have for any metal fan.

Janne ''JB'' Christoffersson - Vocals, Guitar
Fox Skinner - Bass, Backing Vocals 
Sebastian "Seb" Sippola - Drums


Download 2

Saturday, October 2, 2010

This is a public service announcement from the Chief:

Sorry about my sudden and lengthy disappearance. I was in the process of moving and my internet connection was cut early. That and I had to spend some time in the hospital. All is good now, and I can't wait to post some more music for you guys. 

Many thanks for all the comments while I was gone. Hope to see you guys around here more often. Stay tuned...there is plenty more great music to come.  \m/