Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Freedom Hawk - Freedom Hawk (2009)

For those unfamiliar with this great Virginian band, Freedom Hawk, are pure hard rock bliss. Imagine a modern version of Led Zeppelin mixed with Black Sabbath and you'll get an idea of how they sound. Call it hard rock, hawk rawk or whatever you want; it doesn't really matter because this band just flat out rocks! Awesome vocals that sound like somewhere between Ozzy and Plant with catchy and crunchy riffage. Great music to drive to. A must hear for those uninitiated to the Freedom Hawk sound.

Lenny Hines - Drums
Matt Cave - Guitars
Mark Cave - Bass
T.R. Morton - Guitars/Vocals

Hawkwind - Blood Of The Earth (2010)

British lords of space rock, Hawkwind, have returned to Earth and command you to listen to this album! 

 Having been 41 years since the original formation of Hawkwind, and Dave Brock being the only constant member, you'd think the band would have burned out and the musical creativity to have gone stale. Don't panic! That's not the case here! The band still sounds as fresh as ever. And with the aid of more modern music technology the band produces a fresh take on their mind-bending psychedelic fueled space rock. Long time fans will be pleasantly surprised with this release and it's a great introduction to new fans to come. 

Get ready to leave your head and join the Hawklords on their continuing galactic journey! Don't fear the sonic attack...

Dave Brock – guitar, keyboards, vocals
Mr. Dibs – bass, vocals
Tim Blake – keyboards
Niall Hone – guitar, bass guitar, keyboards
Richard Chadwick – drums, vocals 
Matthew Wright, vocals on 'Blood of the Earth'
Jason Stuart, Keyboards on 'Starshine'


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Priestess - Prior To The Fire (2009)

Priestess is a stoner rock/metal band from Montreal, Quebec. These hard rockin' Canadians became well known thanks to their cameo in a Guitar Hero game with song "Lay Down" from 2005's Hello Master. Inking a deal with Tee Pee for their follow up, and latest, release Prior To The Fire, which takes the same melodic stoner metal approach as Hello Master but improves and expands upon it. Still with striking riffs and great vocals but with more of a metallic edge; bringing in some NWOBHM influence but with a much better modern sound. These fine Canadians will not disappoint.

Mikey Heppner - Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar 
Mike Dyball - Bass 
Vince Nudo - Vocals, Drums 
Dan Watchorn - Vocals, Guitar
Maligno - Universevil (2008)

Mexico's finest stoner/doom metal band's sophomore release Universevil released in 2008. Being heavily influenced by bands such as Black Sabbath, Pentagram, Trouble and Corrosion Of Conformity, the band blends a potent mix of stoner/doom and thrash. You'll be hooked as soon as the heavy and majestic riff of track one, "The Red Witch", hits you...guaranteed.

Ivan Tamez - Guitar
Andres Saenz - Drums
Marco Gil - Bass
Zef Vega - Guitar
Luis Barjau - Vox

Monday, September 13, 2010

ASG & Black Tusk - Low Country split E.P. (2009)

For those unfamiliar with ASG, they play a toxic brew of punk, southern rock and stoner metal. Their band name was originally All Systems Go but, as always, another band had the same name so they shortened it to ASG. Although, after the release of The Amplification Of Self Gratification in 2003, the band has since stated that the acronym ASG actually stands for said album title. Of course the great artwork was done by John Baizley of Baroness fame (if you couldn't already tell). This EP is a great introduction to both bands featured. Black Tusk are of course a sludge metal band from Georgia that have been getting a lot of critical acclaim recently as well as an ever expanding fanbase. Actually, both bands sound quite a bit different but they both share great energy, riffs and hooks. It may just be another EP but this isn't one to be overlooked. One of my favourite EP splits of recent. Check 'em out...

Mississippi Bones - Mississippi Bones (2010)

Great album request by Dusty (multi-instrumentalist for Mississippi Bones).

Good old fashioned southern rock 'n' roll from Ohio. Dusty Donley plays all the instruments while his buddy Jared Collins takes care of the vocals. Thick and memorable riffs with great vocal hooks. This album rocks hard! You'll be hooked by the first track "Sasquatch Paparazzi" (the song is just as awesome as the title suggests).


Friday, September 10, 2010

Ironweed - Indian Ladder (2008)

This is Ironweed's debut for Small Stone records. The band members were originally in a stoner rock group known as Greatdayforup. When Greatdayforup split-up, the band reformed with a new singer, Jeff Andrews, and a new name, Ironweed. While Greatdayforup were indeed a great band (I thinks so anyways), the new singer Jeff Andrews' rough and aggressive vocals suit the bands metallic stoner crunch very well. Just check out the song "Penny For Your Prayers" on the band's myspace and you'll be hooked. This energetic heavy-riffing machine comes highly recommended. Another great Small Stone release!

Dragonauta - Cruz Invertida (2010)

Thanks to Robin from Stonerobixxx for this!

Argentina's Dragonauta are a psychedelic stoner/doom metal band. Their latest album Cruz Invertida is not only their best album to date, but one of the best releases of 2010. The vocals on this album, while undoubtedly evil sounding, are not quite as in-your-face and a little less demonic than on their first two albums Luciferatu (2003) and Cambramacabra (2006). Mind you, this is still an evil slab of occult doom with awesomely huge riffs, evil vocals and all the occult and satanic references that made their earlier releases great. A lot more of the lyrics are in English this time around too (their first two albums being purely in Spanish), thankfully for those of us who are bilingually challenged. All killer and no filler. (check out band and order album here)

Enos - Chapter 1 (2010) Album and Comic Book

Another impressive debut this year! Brighton, UK's Enos are a spacey stoner rock band that are apparently named after the last chimpanzee NASA sent out into space during the 1960s space race. Their debut album Chapter 1 is a concept album based on Enos the chimp's space journey. As a bonus, an interestingly designed comic book about Enos the chimp also comes with the album. And the best part is, you can download both the album and comic book for free from their myspace page. (free album and comic book!)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Chief Iron Lung Presents...Vol 1

I made this compilation as an introduction to the more extreme styles of stoner metal. And I know, quite a few of the songs are already available here on their respective albums. However, this compilation is for those that are not sure if they like some of those bands/albums or may not have heard some of the better extreme and more experimental stoner metal bands. Plus, this mix is totally intoxicating.

Track listing is as follows:

01 Violet Vortex (Intro) - Cathedral
02 Last Resort - Mose Giganticus
03 Tower Falls - Baroness
04 Snakes For The Divine - High On Fire
05 Rift Of Men - Black Tusk
06 Asherah - Howl
07 Skylon Express - Sleestak
08 The End Is Near - Sancta Sanctorum
09 Train Assault - Mastodon
10 Hyborian Tale - Stonehelm
11 Heavenless - Howl
12 Black Hole - Zoroaster
13 Jake Leg - Baroness
14 Soul Of Truth - Sancta Sanctorum
15 White Horse - Mose Giganticus

Suede Brothers - Ill New You (2008)

Welcome to your new favourite rockers, The Suede Brothers. This Cleveland Ohio trio's My Space has them listed as "Rust Belt Rock"  but I call it bluesy stoner rock. Great bluesy fuzz-heavy riffs with great vocals to match. This band deserves your attention.

Mick Varga- Drums
Kevin Naughton- Bass
Dylan Francis- Guitar/Vocals

Sheavy - Disfigurine (2010)

As promised earlier, here is Sheavy's latest album (promo), Disfigurine. Their second album released this year! And apparently there is a "Best Of" being released at the end of the year.

 The Canadian stoner rock legends are back in a flash! Sheavy are definitely one of the more solid stoner rock acts for the past fifteen years, and contnuing to be more solid than ever. This album has a much more "metallic" feel to it, than compared to previous efforts. That might have to do with the replacement of guitarist Dan Moore with Chris White. Both of them are great guitarists, mind you. The Black Sabbath influence is still there as well as the groove and old school metal sound, but this album seems to have a sharper edge and darker feel to it.


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Black Angels - Phosphene Dream (2010)

Hailing from Austin Texas, the Black Angels' newest, and yet to be officially released, album Phospene Dream is quite a bit different than previous albums Passover (2006) and Directions To See A Ghost (2008). Their main influences being late '60s garage rock bands such as the Velvet Underground, the band possesses a dark bluesy psychedelic garage rock sound. Although, on this release, gone is the dark bluesy atmosphere and a much more psychedelic approach is taken. A highly addictive listen!

Stephanie Bailey — drums, percussion, bass
Christian Bland — guitar, bass, drums
Kyle Hunt — keyboards, percussion, bass, and guitar
Alex Maas — vocals, bass, guitar, keyboards,
Nate Ryan — bass, guitar, occasional drums

Pre-order here

Kylesa - Static Tensions (2009)

Posting this great album in anticipation of their upcoming 2010 album release Spiral Shadow.

Amongst a smoke-filled haze with unpredictable sludge riffing and dual drummers pounding out chaotic rhythms, Kylesa, possess hypnotic powers that leaves the listener in aural ecstasy.  Be prepared to be hypnotized...

Phillip Cope - Guitar, Vocals
Laura Pleasants - Guitar, Vocals
Carl McGinley - Drums, Noises
Eric Hernandez - Drums
Corey Barhorst - Bass


Monday, September 6, 2010

Quest For Fire - Lights From Paradise (2010)

Their second for Tee Pee, Quest For Fire return with more heavy psych. Coming from Toronto, Canada, these garage rockers turned heavy psych rockers bring a fresh sound to the "stoner rock" underground. With beautiful string and acoustic arrangements peppered into a mix of garage rock, psychedelia, shoegaze, and thundering riffs, Quest For Fire have created their own unique sound. 

Go, on...give it a try...

Andrew Moszynski (guitar)
Chad Ross (guitar, vocals)
Mike Maxymuik (drums)
and Josh Bauman (bass)



Android Empire - The Old Bordello on the Hill of Sold Souls (2010)

First off...sorry for my brief absence. Been having a high and mighty time; it being a long weekend here and all. Fighting the burnout now.

Anyways, getting on with it. Welcome to the Android Empire! Based in Berlin, they play instrumental stoner metal. Even though there are no vocals, the pace constantly changes, and sharp metallic riffing dominates switching between doom, traditional heavy metal, and sludgy riffing of the Baroness/Mastodon variety, keeping the album from becoming stale or stagnant. Another highly recommended release.

Oli (guitar)
Martin (guitar)
Detmar (bass)
Tobi (drums) (you can purchase the album and merchandise here, as well as listen to samples)

Friday, September 3, 2010

Stonebride - Summon The Waves (2010)

Croatia's Stonebride return with the Billy Anderson produced Summon The Waves, their second for Setalight Records. Trance inducing psychedelic doom is what is served up here. And plenty of it. If you like your doom to put you into a stoned-out trance like state, then this is just the fix you've been looking for.

Iron Man - I Have Returned (2009)

Originally referred to  as "Blacker than Black Sabbath", Alfred Morris III's Iron Man has returned! The Maryland Doom band started out originally as a Black Sabbath cover band but later started writing original material. They are just as heavily influenced by Pentagram and the Obsessed as they are by Black Sabbath. Alfred Morris III brings more heavy groovin' doom riffs and rippin' solos to their newest album in 10 years and their first for Shadow Kingdom Records. During their hiatus, Alfred Morris III was asked by Lee Dorian to play lead guitar for Cathedral but he was too busy at the time for that kind of commitment. It would have been cool to hear what Cathedral might sound like with him in their ranks, but I'm rather glad he didn't because we got this fine album instead. This album is all killer and no filler. Crisp high quality studio production, with memorable crunching riffs and great vocals.

"Iron" Al Morris III - Guitar
Joe Donnelly - Vocals
Louis Strachan - Bass
Mike Rix - Drums

Zoroaster - Matador (2010)

Yet another great release from Georgia's sludgy swamp waters! Matador, the latest from Zoroaster, doesn't disappoint. A great mix of sludge metal, doom and psychedelia (which owes just as much to the shoegaze scene of early '90s neo-psychedelic British bands such as Ride, My Bloody Valentine, early The Verve and Jesus and The Mary Chain as it does to late '60s and early '70s psychedelia) with mutli-tracked layers of vocals. Another must have for your music collection!