Friday, February 18, 2011

From Exile - Monolith (2009)

The latest from Atlanta, Georgia's still unsigned From Exile. While their first album Crushing Reality was more on the melodic death metal side of the heavy metal spectrum, with their lastest effort, From Exile seem to be heading in a much more progressive metal direction (even the artwork reflects that). So don't expect any grunts or screams. What is offered up here is a musical sound-scape with effects laden vocals and purely awesome riffage! This albums is simply amazing!

"Marking a new direction for the band, their second album focuses heavily on the instrumental aspects, as guitar duo Eric Guenther and Ben Wetzelberger put on a clinic that is ear-opening in its execution. “Crushing Reality” was a melodic progressive death metal album, highlighted by raspy screams, ten-plus minute opuses, and an unfortunate tendency to wander haphazardly through dull sound pieces. The most noticeable difference between the two albums is how tight the band has gotten as songwriters on “Monolith.” The eight tracks pack in plenty of tempo shifts, atmosphere changes and crushing riffs, with none of the filler that was present in their debut.

“Monolith,” while split into separate tracks, could be seen as a conceptual piece of music. Each song fades into the next one, creating a half-hour epic that never ceases to astound on a musical level. The guitarists work together as a cohesive pair, trading off spell-bounding solos and soaring harmonies that trail off into an unknown oblivion. There are more dimensions to the guitar playing than just wanking and overindulgent tomfoolery; witness the classical acoustic interlude in “Impure Visionary” or the soothing vibes transmitted on closer “In The Fading Silence.”" ~ Metal review

Eric Guenther - Guitar, Keyboards
Ben Wetzelberger - Guitar, Keyboards


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