Friday, February 18, 2011

Rings Of Saturn - Embryonic Anomaly (2010)

The experimental/technical death metal band known as Rings of Saturn are a new band out of Dublin, California. I know some of you will see the words death metal and skip on by, but this band breathes some fresh air into the genre with their spacey and almost progressive like writing; winding their way through a variety of sounds, structures and tempos. And despite being a young band in both years of existence and age, the band has skill and experience in spades. Combining influences from older metal bands and various heavy metal genres with a modern death metal/deathcore sound. In short, Rings of Saturn are a unique band in a genre that has been bludgeoned to death.

Prepare to be abducted!

Lucas Mann - Guitars
Brent Silletto - Drums
Peter Pawlak - Vocals


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