Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Black Tusk - Taste The Sin (2010)

Self-described "swamp metal" band Black Tusk return with Taste The Sin. And more album artwork by Baroness' John Baizley. Georgia being a hot bed for sludge metal, with much applauded acts such as Mastodon, Baroness, Kylesa and Zoroaster, it's no wonder Black Tusk sprouted from the same sludgy swampy waters. Mind you, while each band is great and share a lot of the same influences, none of them sound exactly the same as the other. So we're not talking about another Mastodon rip-off band. In fact, while this album is very solid, it could use some of the more experimental and progressive approaches fellow Georgian sludge metal bands take. But then again, it is still early in their career and they have plenty of time to evolve. That's not to say this isn't a great album, it most certainly is, but there is room for improvement on future releases.

Go on, embrace the madness and taste the sin...

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