Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sheavy - Golden Age of Daredevils (2010)

The Canadian Sabbath worshiping legends known as Sheavy are back with their first release this year, Golden Age of Daredevils. This release, however, sees the departure of guitarist Dan Moore after 16 years of faithful service.  Don't panic! The heavy riffing beast is still very much alive in Sheavy. And Steve Hennessy still sounds like the Dark Lord himself, Ozzy. This action packed riff-fest comes highly recommended.

Oh and, hidden track Rings Of Saturn is originally from The Machine That Won The War  album (2007)

Steve Hennessy - Vocals
Chris White - Guitar
Evan Chalker - Guitar
Keith Foley - Bass
Jason Williams - Drums



Latest album Disfigurine coming soon....


Anonymous said...

Hello Chief,

Just discovered your great blog, really TOP:
Can you re-upload the file as seems to be dead.
Fan from Switzerland

Chief-Iron-Lung said...

Fan from Switzerland,

Thanks man. Glad you dig the blog.
Stay tuned because there's more great stuf to come.

I would re-upload the file but it seems to be working fine on my end. Do you usually have trouble with megaupload? I can try an alternate upload site like mediafire if too many people are having problems. just let me know...seems to be working or now though

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Hello again Chief,

Thanks , yes now it works, but the following is dead:

"Mose Giganticus - Gift Horse"

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Many thanks for new discoveries, I really appreciate it, I'm 55 years old and maybe your oldest fan...from Switzerland.
Your blog is now "my starting browser page"....

Chief-Iron-Lung said...

Wow! Thanks for making me your homepage! You just might be my oldest fan but that's cool cos there is no age limit for great music!

The Mose Giganticus link is now fixed. Personally, one of my favourite releases by Relapse records this yea...actually, altogether even!