Sunday, August 22, 2010

Solace - A.D. (2010)

Having been seven years since their last full-length 13, Solace haven't missed a single step. In fact, they have only gotten stronger and tighter as evidenced on A.D., their first for Small Stone Records. With Jason laying down some of his best vocal work to date and Tommy Southard pulling off some of his best riffing and soloing, this might actually be their best recording to date. Although you can't go wrong with any other album or E.P. released by this band. In fact, these guys are pretty much legendary in the Stoner/Doom community. Although there is a definite Black Sabbath influence, it's more groovy than doomy. And just the right mix of stoned out 70's hard rock, southern rock, psychedelia and HEAVY Metal. 

Jason - Vocals
Tommy Southard - Guitar
Rob Hultz - Bass
Kenny Lund - Drums
Justin Daniels - Guitar (their official site)


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