Friday, September 3, 2010

Iron Man - I Have Returned (2009)

Originally referred to  as "Blacker than Black Sabbath", Alfred Morris III's Iron Man has returned! The Maryland Doom band started out originally as a Black Sabbath cover band but later started writing original material. They are just as heavily influenced by Pentagram and the Obsessed as they are by Black Sabbath. Alfred Morris III brings more heavy groovin' doom riffs and rippin' solos to their newest album in 10 years and their first for Shadow Kingdom Records. During their hiatus, Alfred Morris III was asked by Lee Dorian to play lead guitar for Cathedral but he was too busy at the time for that kind of commitment. It would have been cool to hear what Cathedral might sound like with him in their ranks, but I'm rather glad he didn't because we got this fine album instead. This album is all killer and no filler. Crisp high quality studio production, with memorable crunching riffs and great vocals.

"Iron" Al Morris III - Guitar
Joe Donnelly - Vocals
Louis Strachan - Bass
Mike Rix - Drums

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