Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Chief Iron Lung Presents...Vol 1

I made this compilation as an introduction to the more extreme styles of stoner metal. And I know, quite a few of the songs are already available here on their respective albums. However, this compilation is for those that are not sure if they like some of those bands/albums or may not have heard some of the better extreme and more experimental stoner metal bands. Plus, this mix is totally intoxicating.

Track listing is as follows:

01 Violet Vortex (Intro) - Cathedral
02 Last Resort - Mose Giganticus
03 Tower Falls - Baroness
04 Snakes For The Divine - High On Fire
05 Rift Of Men - Black Tusk
06 Asherah - Howl
07 Skylon Express - Sleestak
08 The End Is Near - Sancta Sanctorum
09 Train Assault - Mastodon
10 Hyborian Tale - Stonehelm
11 Heavenless - Howl
12 Black Hole - Zoroaster
13 Jake Leg - Baroness
14 Soul Of Truth - Sancta Sanctorum
15 White Horse - Mose Giganticus


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