Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Priestess - Prior To The Fire (2009)

Priestess is a stoner rock/metal band from Montreal, Quebec. These hard rockin' Canadians became well known thanks to their cameo in a Guitar Hero game with song "Lay Down" from 2005's Hello Master. Inking a deal with Tee Pee for their follow up, and latest, release Prior To The Fire, which takes the same melodic stoner metal approach as Hello Master but improves and expands upon it. Still with striking riffs and great vocals but with more of a metallic edge; bringing in some NWOBHM influence but with a much better modern sound. These fine Canadians will not disappoint.

Mikey Heppner - Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar 
Mike Dyball - Bass 
Vince Nudo - Vocals, Drums 
Dan Watchorn - Vocals, Guitar


The Klepto said...

This is a great album, looking forward to some more from Priestess

Chief-Iron-Lung said...

Yeah, me too! Another great Canadian gem!