Friday, September 10, 2010

Dragonauta - Cruz Invertida (2010)

Thanks to Robin from Stonerobixxx for this!

Argentina's Dragonauta are a psychedelic stoner/doom metal band. Their latest album Cruz Invertida is not only their best album to date, but one of the best releases of 2010. The vocals on this album, while undoubtedly evil sounding, are not quite as in-your-face and a little less demonic than on their first two albums Luciferatu (2003) and Cambramacabra (2006). Mind you, this is still an evil slab of occult doom with awesomely huge riffs, evil vocals and all the occult and satanic references that made their earlier releases great. A lot more of the lyrics are in English this time around too (their first two albums being purely in Spanish), thankfully for those of us who are bilingually challenged. All killer and no filler. (check out band and order album here)


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