Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hawkwind - Blood Of The Earth (2010)

British lords of space rock, Hawkwind, have returned to Earth and command you to listen to this album! 

 Having been 41 years since the original formation of Hawkwind, and Dave Brock being the only constant member, you'd think the band would have burned out and the musical creativity to have gone stale. Don't panic! That's not the case here! The band still sounds as fresh as ever. And with the aid of more modern music technology the band produces a fresh take on their mind-bending psychedelic fueled space rock. Long time fans will be pleasantly surprised with this release and it's a great introduction to new fans to come. 

Get ready to leave your head and join the Hawklords on their continuing galactic journey! Don't fear the sonic attack...

Dave Brock – guitar, keyboards, vocals
Mr. Dibs – bass, vocals
Tim Blake – keyboards
Niall Hone – guitar, bass guitar, keyboards
Richard Chadwick – drums, vocals 
Matthew Wright, vocals on 'Blood of the Earth'
Jason Stuart, Keyboards on 'Starshine'


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