Sunday, October 3, 2010

Grand Magus - Hammer Of The North (2010)

Grand Magus triumphantly return with Hammer Of The North. Since their formation, Grand Magus has slowly been heading into a more NWOBHM influenced direction. The growly grunts and doom heavy riffs have been replaced with much more powerful vocals and more straight ahead catchy riffing. This album really showcases Janne ''JB'' Christoffersson's powerful vocal delivery. If you're a fan of Iron Maiden/Judas Priest inspired metal, then you'll absolutely love this album. Hell, most metal fans will dig this album. And don't worry, even though it is heavily influenced by NWOBHM, it never gets excessively cheesy. The riffs and vocals are solid and catchy. A must have for any metal fan.

Janne ''JB'' Christoffersson - Vocals, Guitar
Fox Skinner - Bass, Backing Vocals 
Sebastian "Seb" Sippola - Drums


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KiDG said...

I think you forgot to embed the DL link?

Chief-Iron-Lung said...

It's up now. Sorry, was having a bit of trouble with my PC at the moment. Enjoy.

KiDG said...

No worries mate...

Spanking great blog you have here! Keep on bring forth the rock!

Chief-Iron-Lung said...

thanks mate! will do. i live and breathe it!