Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Titan - Sweet Dreams (2010)

Brooklyn, New York's Titan released their debut for Relapse Records earlier this month.

Here's what a certain Lords of Metal review had to say: "What remains is the characteristic sound of the band: loud psych-guitars dripping with distortion, combined with organs and synthesizers normally associated with hardcore progrock or even rock-dinosaurs like Emerson, Lake & Palmer. The result, an almost forty minutes long maelstrom of rampaging riffs with some deeply hidden vocals – I would not have raised an eyebrow if someone had claimed Titan were an instrumental band. In short, do not expect traditional songs complete with verse and refrain from these gentlemen. But if your are in for a complete experience and find Earthless to unstructured, Titan might as well be your type of band. Start listening to ‘Wooded Altar Beyond The Wander’, a hurricane-like song with in its center the carcass of Pink Floyd’s legendary ‘Echoes’."

If I had to describe this album in one word, it would be EPIC!



The Klepto said...

I just reviewed this album for my site and for Heavy Planet (It'll be out next week sometime), it is a great album. I really need to hear their first release

Chief-Iron-Lung said...

Will check out your review when I get time. I have their firts album and can post it if you like. Have a lot of other albums to post first. As usual, thanks for the comments Klepto...keep on rockin' my friend \m/