Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Kylesa - Spiral Shadow (2010)

So, it's finally here (although some of you probably grabbed the early promo copy of this album while it was circulating around the net a couple of weeks ago). This Georgian metal band has been constantly evolving since it's formation in 2000. The crust punk and sludge metal influences are still there but this album has a much more progressive and psychedelic sound to it. It's still heavy as all fuck, but a lot more trippy at the same time. There are some mixed reviews on this one, but personally, it seems to me like this band can't do any wrong. Highly recommended as usual.

Phillip Cope - Guitar, Vocals
Laura Pleasants - Guitar, Vocals
Carl McGinley - Drums, Noises
Eric Hernandez - Drums
Corey Barhorst - Bass 


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