Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sleepy Sun - Embrace (2009)

As requested by "Fan from Switzerland", here is Sleepy Sun's debut.

"Eddie Van Halen once remarked that the most amazing thing about Led Zeppelin was that, for a band often cited as the godfathers of heavy metal, so much of their repertoire was acoustic. Theirs was a reputation built not on being the loudest band all the time, but rather at just the right time. It's a lesson that San Francisco-via-Santa Cruz sextet Sleepy Sun have taken to heart-- their debut album, Embrace, dispenses its earth-quaking riffage in such carefully measured, perfectly spaced-out rations, it tricks you into thinking the band is much heavier than it actually is." ~ Pitchfork review.
Brett Constantino - vocals
Rachel Fannan - vocals
Matt Holliman - guitar
Evan Reiss - guitar
Jack Allen - bass
Brian Tice - drums.



Anonymous said...

Hello Big Chief,

Once again your upload are exactly what I expected, thanks for everything.
Hear from you very soon.

Fan from Switzerland

Chief-Iron-Lung said...

No problem. The drum intro to "New Age" got me hooked, and the dual harmonies hit and I couldn't stop listening.