Saturday, October 16, 2010

Greatdayforup - Flores de Sangre (2005)

This Albany, New York based stoner metal band started out in 2000 and then called it quits in 2007 after only two full-length albums. Flores de Sangre (Small Stone Records) is their last album. The band later went onto become Iron Weed with a new singer and guitarist. This oft overlooked band and album deserve more attention. I bet you'll dig it!

Mike Langone - Vocals
Mike Vitali - Guitar
Brendan Slater - Bass
Jim Feck - Drums 



KARLAM said...

A lot of Thanks for this album!!!, I have "God Loves a Sinner" [2004], but I didn´t know this realese.

A greeting from Spain!

The Klepto said...

I had gotten Ironweed from you, liked it a lot then heard that they used to be Greatdayforup, and immediately got their two albums. I liked Ironweed more, but their last release (this one) was pretty damn good.
I've been falling behind with your blog, both in downloads and in comments. I will try and do better.

Chief-Iron-Lung said...

@KARLAM - No problem!

@Klepto - I've been falling behind, too! I'd have to agree with you on this album. I actually discovered this band from Blackmarket/Hammerhead split EP they did with Solace and then went on to discover Ironweed from there. Both solid bands but I think I lie Ironweed more.