Monday, November 1, 2010

Cough - Ritual Abuse (2010)

\m/  This album slays!   \m/

"Richmond’s COUGH delivers thoroughly massive, psychedelic doom on their aptly titled Relapse debut ‘Ritual Abuse’. The albums five epic tracks are impenetrable walls of sludge; at points suffocating and claustrophobic, at others warped and hallucinogenic. ‘Ritual Abuse’ is an impressive monolith of sound and volume, and one of the finest moments yet of 21st century doom." - Their myspace page.

David Cisco - Vocals, Guitar
Parker Chandler - Vocals, Bass
Joseph Arcaro - Drums
Brandon Marcey



The Klepto said...

I just listened to this album and while I think the music is amazing, I really didn't like the vocalists. Their styles (two of them) were not something that I really enjoyed.

Chief-Iron-Lung said...

I can understand. There are a great many bands that I was really digging their music until the vocals kicked in. It's hard to separate the music and the vocals if you're not digging the vocals to begin with. That being said, I actually like the vocals/singers for this band.

The Klepto said...

I've been missing the traditional doom in modern bands. When Cough started I thought it was amazing, but then with the vocals it became a death/doom band and that wasn't what I was looking for. The shorter songs (I have a full review coming up at the end of the month) were pretty damn good, but it doesn't make up for the rest of the album.

Chief-Iron-Lung said...

Yeah, I dig the traditional side of doom more than the death doom end of the spectrum. That being said, I do like some death doom bands including the Ramesses and Druid Lord. I'm really picky when it comes to death doom. Druid Lord caught me by surprise when checking them out on their myspace page. Unfortunately though, I am having trouble finding either a physical copy of their album to buy, or even a download of it.