Thursday, November 25, 2010

Zed - The Invitation (2010)

Great stoner rock out of California. Great riffs with great Danzig approved vocals. Can't go wrong with this release, trust me! One of the best stoner rock releases I have heard of late. Highly recommended.

Pete Sattari - Guitar and Vox
Greg Lopez - Guitar
Rich Harris - Drums
Mark Aceves - Bass
Juan Urteaga - Mixing Mastering



Zed said...

Yo Chief Iron Lung, thanks a bunch for the kind words about our record! We appreciate it! Rock on!!
Mark - Zed

Chief-Iron-Lung said...

No problem, man! I'm really digging this album and can't wait for some more tunes already! Thanks to you and the rest of Zed for making this great album for us to enjoy!

Keep on rockin' in the free world! \m/ \m/