Thursday, November 11, 2010

Mountain Of Judgement - Mountain Of Judgement (2009)

"A killer album out of 65 minutes of Psychedelic Stoner Doom that has so far flown under the radar for most people, pity because its a great blend of crushing Doom Metal and space/psych sounds. Formed back in 2003 the original line-up of Mountain of Judgement Scott Cline (bass), Dave Easter (drums), Scott Isenhour (synthesizers) and Chad Davis (vocals, guitar, synthesizer) started recording this album in 2005 but was only completed by Davis 2009. The other members have left the band and Davis re-recorded the drums himself and arranged the songs by himself." ~ excerpt from an interview with Mountain Of Judgement for Doomantia by Aleks Evdokimo.

Chad Davis - Guitar, Vocals
Scott Cline - Bass
Dave Easter - Drums
Scott Isenhour - Synthesizers


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