Friday, November 12, 2010

Minsk - With Echoes In The Movement Of Stone (2009)


For those unaware of Minsk, they are a progressive sludge doom metal band from Chicago, Illinois. Kind of sound like a mix of Mastodon and Neurosis.

"Shimmer, and shine. Lengthen, and volumize. Target, and utterly destroy: these are the blueprints for the basic Neur-Isis sound that has birthed dozens of ebb and flow enthusiasts of various musical persuasions. Chicago/Peoria, Illinois area doomsters Minsk is among the heaviest of these bands, as well as one of the more eclectic in sonic personality, but this new landscape has taken a turn for something that may require a bit more listening in order to fully grasp this time around on With Echoes In The Movement Of Stone. Not so much in aesthetic, nor progression, but in structure, and when it suddenly dawns upon you what the change is that Minsk has undertaken, the subtle shift becomes very clear.

They've written an entire album full of great songs, and not just an hour of great music." ~ Metal Review.

Drew McDowell - Bass
Brian Barth - Drums
Dustin Addis - Guitar


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