Thursday, November 11, 2010

Radio Garage - Radio Garage (2010)

Thanks to Radio Garage for sharing this awesome album with me! Unfortunately the band didn't send me much information about the band or their release. That and my complete lack of ability to understand any language other than English, doesn't help much either. So here is Insane-Riez's short review of the album including a translated Biography from their myspace page.

"Radio Garage is a band from Lima, Peru. This band plays a combination of Rock 'n' Roll, Punk, Metal and Hard Rock. Their full-length debut album kicks ass! Radio Garage offers you eight great songs that will make your body move or at least it lets your head bang! You can also download their EP from 2005 on their Blogspot. Enjoy!" ~ Stoner Rock Is Here To Stay (Great Blog you should check out, if you haven't already).

"5 years after forming, and after lineup changes Garage Radio released their debut, new and old tracks reworked with a new sound and attitude as always, rock n 'roll to pure machine in 8 songs where Fernando Acosta (Under ) Kaminoisee (guitar), Oscar Soto (drums) and Ricardo Barandiaran (guitar, vocals) shed more visceral influences, from rock n 'roll dirty "Sinner" to obscure passages of the metal in "Servant." Garage Radio was formed in 2005 by Acosta and Barandiaran, who after going through various experiences in hardcore and punk bands, they decided to combine forces with old friends, Alfonso Chacon on drums (Kronocidio, Berserker, Ching Dynasty) and Coco Maple guitar (Kronocidio, Concrete) and began playing in local band circuit, they release a 4 song EP via Deskicia discs that get good reviews, then after exhausting tour concerts bars and holes appear in the compilation of web rockperu . org with two new songs after this, and many events, the band goes into a brief recess, which Alfonso and Coco out of the band to make way for the next stage with Kaminoisee (Macondo, God boredom, The Air ) and Oscar (Helldrunk) where the road takes you started recording the eponymous album on par with a string of gigs where the band earned the respect of the public and other bands, while the disc even finished editing, a new issue arises subsequent sessions to the compilation of Berraco Records label, the song "xdrmmr / a being without a name" is part of the horizon where he leads the group not to forget the raw and wild rock that is his trademark."



Insane Riez said...

Hey Chief,

Thank you for the kind words! I really appreciate that!

Wild Thing said...

I've already dl it from Insane Riez blog, but if you also post it I suppose it deserve a try!

Chief-Iron-Lung said...

Hey Insane_Riez,

No problem, man. We're all just trying to introduce people to new and rare music. And all these underground bands need all the help they can from us bloggers. Really dig your blog btw. Found some great stuff there. Good job.

Chief-Iron-Lung said...

Wild Thing - Yeah its worth a spin at least.

Radio Garage said...

Thanks for putting our music out there guys!!!

greetings from PerĂº!

Radio Garage