Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Heavy Eyes - Rough Demo 2010

Thanks to Eric (their drummer) for sending me this request!

The Heavy Eyes are a great southern blues rock band from Tennessee and  Mississippi who slash out thick heavy riffs and licks with ease and skill. They're  heading into the studio later this year to record their debut full-length but in the meantime we are treated to a rough demo they recorded. While this demo may not have been recorded professionally in a studio, you can easily tell that this band has great chemistry and sounds really tight and well developed already. And although they emphasize how rough this demo is, I've heard worse quality recordings. I was so impressed by their demo that I can't wait for their debut album already!

If you're a fan of southern riff-heavy blues rockers like the Suede Brothers, than you'll love these guys.

Check 'em out at their Bandcamp page to listen to songs and download their demo for free! I bet you'll be impressed and anticipating an future releases like me.



Tripp- guitar/vocals
Wally- bass
Eric- drums

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