Monday, November 1, 2010

Electric Wizard - Black Masses (2010)

Dorset, England's Electric Wizard finally return with probably their most anticipated, and arguably their best, album to date, Black Masses.

"Electric Wizard are back! Their seventh full-length album for Rise Above Records and this doesn't disappoint at all. It is no surprise that Electric Wizard are legends within the Doom Metal scene as their albums are among the heaviest ever recorded, some say the HEAVIEST. Whenever you get a band like this, recording some of the most classic Doom Metal albums ever, most notably "Come My Fanatics" and "Dopethrone" there is always going to be pressure placed on them to match those recordings. This can be very unfair of course but Electric Wizard have always done a damn good job over the years at remaining consistent. The last full length, "Witchcult Today" released in late 2007 show the band still had what it takes and despite some reviewers claiming it was a patchy effort it still climbed to the top record list of many people in 2007 and its pretty obvious this album will do the same."  ~ Doommantia review by Ed.

Jus Oborn - Vocals, Guitar
Liz Buckingham - Guitar 
Tas - Bass
Shaun Rutter - Drums


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